Letters to Decapolis

by Bloodline Severed

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Letters to Decapolis was produced and mixed by Jamie King. With an unrelenting passion for music and people, their love for the real God pushes them to continue pressing on in these times where people have no peace, hope, joy, or solitude. “We realize that people have for far too long, put their faith and hope in man, government and the church itself never realizing that only God Himself can bring that change and hope they seek in their lives. This is our message to this seeking world!” says vocalist Corey Weaver. Bloodline Severed has had the pleasure of playing such festivals as Cornerstone, Ichthus, and Taking Back the Streets. They have also been up and down the east coast and Midwest spreading the message they are so passionate about.

Track Listing & Time:
El Gibbor 5:28
Harvest of Souls 6:35
Lead Us Into Battle 4:50
Countdown to Desecration 4:42
Raindrops of Decay 1:18
Masquerade 4:14
Amabylon 4:23
Outside the Gate 2:37
Final Chapter 8:50


released March 13, 2012



Bloodline Severed Winston Salem, North Carolina

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