Process of Progression

by Bloodline Severed

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released April 18, 2017

Corey Weaver: vocals
David Whichard: bass / bgv
Aaron Macemore: guitar / bgv
Joey Cowan: guitar / programming
Daniel Macemore: guitar

Recorded February 2015-November 2016 at Corzine Studio
Engineered/recorded/mixed/mastered by Derek Corzine at Corzine Studio
Artwork by DC Mills with Unblind Design
Layout by Derek Corzine

Additional Vocals: Brandi Vestal, Amulyn Corzine, Jon Broyles, Derek Corzine
Additional Guitars / Keys / Programming: Derek Corzine

Produced by Derek Corzine



all rights reserved


Bloodline Severed Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Track Name: Exousia
He walks around seeking whom he may devour
Roars like a lion but in Jesus he has no power
All his power was stripped on the cross
Made an open spectacle for all to see
Defeated foe I laugh at your demise
Glory to God his son Jesus Christ
You were expelled from the heights of heaven
To spend all eternity in the depths of hell.

You provide the victory
By your blood all men are free
In Christ we have power and authority

You have nothing to fear
Walk by faith and be obedient
He has given authority to trample the serpent
He came to destroy the enemy's work
There is a mighty army rising up
Saints of God that will not shut up
Are you willing to war at the gates of Hell

Dunamis and Exousia
Power and Authority

Jesus already laid down his life
Don't be afraid to die
Let go of this world
Don't be afraid to lose your life

A warrior who is dead is unstoppable

He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

I have no I have no fear
Track Name: Light
So many lies mistruths in the world today
Everyone wanting his own way
You're searching down darkened paths for enlightenment. Paths leading to entrapment. You wanna be your own god, good luck with that. Your illuminated ones and ascended masters, I call them illegitimate bastards.

We are the true illuminated ones
We are the true illuminated ones
Following the son.

Everyone wants rights the right to be free
A road leading them to fatality
Gays rights, abortion rights, equal rights.
You may have choices but you don't have the rights.

Lying, killing, murder, immorality
Bondage and chains of death.
Only one can set you free.

You found yourself with child
What an inconvenience
You found yourself with child
You want your life back
so you offer your child on the altar of Molech.
fetal sacrifice on the altar of Molech.
Selfish, murderer. Lie to yourself
Selfish, murderer you don't have the right
Lie to yourself like everything will be fine.

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine.

Jesus is salvation
He is the light
Jesus is salvation
O'illuminated one
Track Name: Confession
Plan the launch Open the window to the world
Let the waves of blood flow
Til’ it crests over Expose the soul
One vessel sailing apart
Carrying blessings and curses alike

Want is strong Inner breath unwilling to survive
Why do this? Desire starves from within
Cravings are easily feed Why refuse?
The offering is ironic
The pinnacle moment is fleeting
Instantly fulfilling Eternally wasting away
Yearning abated til’ the sensation returns again

Withering away from within
Suffocates the wind
My soul is languishing from the burden of it all
Withering away from within
Suffocates the wind
This one’s lost, will you search for me?

Man overboard This one’s lost at sea
Are all meant to be rescued?
Or just reach out to embrace the depths?
Dreams of darkness and the deep
Numb to the feelings Of remorse
Stained, spoiled, withdrawn from love
Loathing this filth

Withering away from within
Suffocates the wind
My soul is languishing from the burden of it all
Withering away from within
Suffocates the wind
This one’s lost, will you search for me?

Alone on this island Do you not see me?
Alone on this island Will you search for me?
Alone on this island Please come rescue me…

Cry out to me And pour your heart out to me
I hear every cry I wipe every tear
I have not left you, but you have to let me
Give everything to me (Rescue me)
I died to set you free I will set you free (Rescue me from me)
(I am my own worst enemy)
Track Name: Legion
Rise up
Saints of God

This war has just begun
Lines being drawn in the sand
Which side are you on
From ashes we rise
Our generation no longer will cower
I see men and women of God

Our weapons of destruction
The blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony

A past of hell
A story to tell
Prepared for war
Fighting with nothing to lose

Rise up
Out of the ashes we rise

Ooo I feel it coming
Battle tested
I'm ready for this
We Fight an enemy who's weapons are stripped.
But my armors on and my sword is blazin

Don't be don't be afraid
The cornerstone has already been laid

Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Track Name: Perfection
Led like a lamb to the slaughter
Yet he never breathed a word
Silence, he already proclaimed who he was
God made manifest in flesh
The precious son of God named Jesus
Hung on a cross
Propitiation for you and me
It should have been me

Perfection fulfilling the law and prophecy. He became flesh to do something we could never be.

Glory to his name. All honor, glory, power, and praise.

He came to set you free
Break all bonds and chains
his stripes healed iniquities
His blood sets men free

He loves you desperately
He loves you desperately

There is only one way, one way to eternal life
One way from eternal punishment and strife
Call on the name of Jesus Christ

Hell wasn't made for us
You have an eternal choice to make
Hell wasn't made for us

The name above all names
We lift you higher and higher
Every knee will bow
Track Name: Identity
What have I become
Who is this person staring back at me
How did I get this far
Where did I go wrong

Questions circling in my head
I can't stop the thoughts from spinning
Reflections look like me
My soul tells a different story

Regrets encapsulate me
I died a long time ago
I feel somber and cold
When did I spin out of control

I know when I changed its when you changed
A piece of me died that day
Will I be like you one day.

Then I see a shimmer a glimpse of light
Like the twinkle of a distant star
I search harder and find you, I find hope
Hope not in myself but faith in you alone

Digging out of the grave was hard until I realized that you already set me free
It's you who were there
Gave me a new identity.

My identity is in you
Not what I think
Not what someone said to me
Not my past mistakes
I have redemption through your blood
adopted into a new family.
Track Name: Alone
Emotionless I don't know how to feel
Dark clouds have overtaken my mind
Racing thoughts im trying to catch
Though I'm not sure I want to

My old friend depression revisited me
Images from long ago
Walls inside my mind that I reside
Like a horror movie the fog rolls in

I feel so alone
Am I alone
I feel so alone
Am I alone

I know that I must trust you
And give you my all
But I can't help the way I feel
I don't know how I got this way

Outside scars but these scars are within
Put on a smile like everything is ok
But I don't feel that way inside
My God have you forsaken me

This may be the thorn in my flesh
I stand broken before you
Mend this vessel
This keeps me humble before you
Mend this vessel
I stand broken before you
Track Name: Alive
I never knew how dead I was till you brought me to life.
To look at the sky and all its glory
Takes my breath away
All creation marvels, telling your story
I close my eyes and feel the wind
The waves crash
Stars manifesting your light
reflections of your beauty.

I am alive
I am alive
I have never felt so alive
you brought me to life.

I see the sun shine through the clouds, different colors radiant beauty. It's almost as if I look hard enough I can see the city.
I never realized how dead I was till you revived me.

Overwhelmed by the thought of being there when creation was spoken.
I never realized how dead I was till you saved me.

Clouds billow take form of glory
I can't wait to go home
Physically dead please don't revive me
I can't wait to go home
My eyes are open
Im ready to go home.
Track Name: Closure
I sit here in my thoughts
Thinking of you and all I lost.
You had so much love
Why didn't I pick up when you called
It was too hard to see you that way
Oh to hear your voice again.

No more tears, free from burden, free from the pain.
Like my angel you flew away.

I will see you again one day.

I miss you
I remember
I haven't forgotten
I will see you soon

Time after time after I let you down
You never gave up
I wanted to make you proud.
I could tell you anything
You whispered it's gonna be alright
I hope this song brings closure
Never to forget but to forget the regret.

All I can remember is you face when you died
It brings nightmares, keeps me awake at night
To hear you struggle for every last breath
Why can't I remember the good times
Things I seem to forget.

I will see you soon